Entry #6

Okay... lets try this again

2010-04-27 20:49:20 by TheCameranator

I have made a newer (and hopefully better...) flash movie, which you can see by clicking here

This flash does not only prove I trump all logic... but that I also have serious problems...


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2010-04-27 20:57:53

sorry man, but auto blam because of the trial version bug in the center.
As for other things...
Art was ok, but you can't take what you did have very far with some good comedic timing and jokes.
Pacing was a little slow, didn't care much for that.
Although I don't have anything against text as a speech, but it's become pretty standard to have voice overs any more. Some cartoons don't lip sync or even hace mouths, so voicing with no lips is excusable.

Try getting a full version of the program you got before you submit any more, just getting rid of that bug will do wonders.

TheCameranator responds:

'Kay, I can understand the trial bug thing... I'll see if I can try tommorow